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Heart Wire | Patient Cable

Heart Wires

A wide range of Patient cables and heart wires are available to allow optimal pacing for the patient;
Heart Wires

Adult Myocardial Leads

Myopace myocardial leads are used for temporary cardiac stimulation after heart surgery operations on adult patients.
Adult Wires

Series Cables

Series Wires

Myo-pace myocardial electrodes

The CardioLogic Myo-pace myocardial electrodes are intended for temporary pacing after cardiac surgery.
They are double packed sterile, and single-use.

Quadripolar, Bipolar and Unipolar configurations are available all on spools for easy manipulation.

Manufactured from a multi-stranded insulated wire whose ends are welded to the thorax needle and the tiny heart needle.

The fixation mechanisms include Straight, Zig zag wire and Tines.

Connection to the pacemaker is by the Confix connector which is incorporated into the wire to reduce connector issues.

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