Meril Stents


Stent Architecture

• Cobalt chromium (L605) platform with 65µm strut thickness.

• Hybrid cell design comprising of an intelligent mix of open and
close cells resulting in excellent radial strength with a high flexibility.

• 0.29% foreshortening
• Unique strut width variability that ensure a <3% recoil and 0.29%

• Special electro-polishing technique eliminates surface nickel oxides

Meriln Stents

Low injury Design – Morphology Mediated ExpansionTM

• Conventional edge-flaring stent designs allow the stent to dog-bone
during deployment.

• This dog-boning coupled with balloon overhang may cause edge injury.

• BioMime has struts with design variability which results in morphology
mediated expansionTM, having a propensity to minimize stent edge

Meriln Stents

Excellent Side Branch Access

• The area of the largest circle circumscribable in the cell of
the stent expanded to the nominal diameter: Tc = 0.71

Meriln Stents


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