Cardiologic, the company

CardioLogic Ltd specialises in the development, marketing and distribution of innovative medical devices and novel technologies to improve both the treatment and the standard of care for cardiology and cardiac surgery patients.

The Directors of CardioLogic Ltd have more than 60 years combined experience in medical device sales and marketing and continue to work actively in both a sales and a technical capacity and believe that a close and involved contact with customers remains essential to the success of the business.

Our dedicated sales team in the UK works closely with cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, technicians and nursing staff to provide a hghly competent technical support and provides professional assistance in both the catheter laboratory and the cardiac operating theatre.

CardioLogic Ltd is able to provide young companies assistance in the initiation, development and running of clinical trials for new products and technologies in both cardiology and cardiac surgery.

Our extensive network of client contacts allows us to quickly introduce innovative therapies into the UK market and we work closely with our suppliers to develop strategies for rapid and sustained success.





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